Monday, May 19, 2008

time flies.

Time just flies, doesn't it?

Between Corinne's wedding, our mini trip to Reno and then our trip to Disneyland in April, we've just been SO busy! Work has been a little chaotic and tiring. Jonah caught a stomach bug in DL (he's better now). And now we're just getting back to the swing of things.

I can't believe May is almost over.

Mother's Day was good for me. Went to breakfast with our families. Carl gave me an awesome present this year: this lens for our camera. We had rented it for our DL trip and I guess I had so much fun with it, he thought it would be nice to add to our fast growing lens collection.

Super fun lens to play with. :)

Anyway, hope everyone out there is doing well! Hope everyone is creating some awesome stuff - I'll be visiting your blogs soon to check!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

happy belated NSD.

It's my normally scheduled weekend to work so I knew that I wouldn't be able to participate in any scrapping activities for NSD.

But above all that, I couldn't participate because Jonah has been sick since Friday... Really sick. Like throwing-up-and-having-diarrhea-all-over-the-place sick.

My poor baby.

I don't know where he could have caught this bug from - probably somewhere in Disneyland - but I just hope he gets rid of it soon. I hate seeing him so miserable.