Friday, August 31, 2007

I'm a LUCKY one. :)

A few months ago I was uploading layouts to the's site and they had a Lucky 7 contest going on... 7 grand prize winners ($700 gift certificates to the site... 7 - one for each different category) and 70 honorable mentions - 10 each for each category ($70 gift certificate to the store).

So I uploaded and completely forgot about it... I rarely visit because, well, I've got a lot of scrap sites I visit already... but when I do visit, I tend to do it in huge waves.

A few weeks ago I got an email saying I was one of the HONORABLE MENTIONS! Scroll down - 8 rows down, right side. :)

I couldn't announce until they made their official announcement today but YAY! My first contest and I won a prize...Now I'm addicted to entering contests... Hmmm... Maybe HOF or MMM is in my future next year? *lol*

Yeah, right. :)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

checking in...

i'm behind with my daily cards... between working all weekend, trying to catch up with sleep, going to a meeting at work, getting ready for my 30th bday celebration, renewing my license at the dmv, i'm EXAHUSTED. i tried to sit and scrap tonight, but i'm so sleepy.

i'll post something cool and scrapworthy soon. i promise.

now to catch up with the zzzz's... :)

Friday, August 24, 2007

daily card: 8.24.07

I thought it was kind of a neat idea to do a daily card - something simple, nothing super fancy. Just use the stash I have lying around and make a card about whatever I felt like at the time - inspirational, artsy or silly...

Have to work all weekend so I'll be behind with the cards... Hopefully I can catch up next week.

Have a great weekend, y'all! :)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

just when I thought my luck was over.

I've been really down in the dumps lately with all the rejection going around with the DTs I've been trying out for. You've read my previous posts so I won't continue to complain. It's taking a while, but I'm actually ok.

Tried to scrap after I put Jonah down to sleep for the night, but I wasn't feeling very inspired to do anything so I decided to hang out on the computer - visit blogs, visit messageboards and stuff... maybe get my mind off of things.

So I came across my pal Kim's blog and she posted about a toot! That one of her LOs will be featured in Scrapbook Trends' future Wedding Idea Book! So awesome - way to go, Kimmie! :)

And I thought to myself, wow, at least one of us will be in print for the first time. :)

Well, then I decided to check my emails (one of my many accounts) via Yahoo... and I hate my Yahoo account - it's old, it's full of spam, but I used to use it for my ScrapSubmit stuff because I couldn't figure how to change the preferences for emails and send it to a different one. I'm always afraid submission requests would get shuffled to my Spam folder and I'd miss it completely.

I remembered sending a submission for the wedding book a while ago... Kind of on a whim. I didn't think anything of it when I checked my mail. I just had to go deleting through tons of more spam that didn't get filtered - male enhancement, Viagra, refinance my home, etc...

but then I saw it... an email from ST requesting one of my digital LOs I submitted a while back.

Just when I thought my luck was over - my very first paper, in print magazine/idea book TOOT.

I'm so giddy, I can't stop smiling so stupidly right now... Wish Carl was home (he's at work) so I could share the news with SOMEONE in real life right now! But it's still great to share with my blogging peeps!

Thanks for the love and vote of confidence, everyone!

Stay tuned in the next couple of weeks - I've got a ton of stuff to RAK in honor of this wonderful day AND my 30th birthday *coughSeptember4cough* :)

i was on a roll.

Jonah went to bed early last night. Summertime TV is pretty much over (No more So You Think You Can Dance Wednesday and Thursday nights for me!) So I decided to get some major scrapping done. :)

supplies: "I *heart* CandyTown" Collection from SIStv...

My first time doing a vertical 6x12 LO... Kind of harder to work with but it was still fun to think outside the box. The papers in this SIS collection are so fun to work with! I have a hard time with cartoony patterns, but this stuff is just too amazing to resist! :)

supplies: cs: Bazzill; pp: Heidi Grace designs; bling, chipboard alpha: Heidi Swapp; stamp: Autumn Leaves; ink: Paper Salon

Had this HG paper in my stash for a while and wanted to play around with it. Fun! :)

supplies: August AMM kit: Daisy D's, ribbon, lace, buttons, 7gypsies; other: Heidi Swapp, Scenic Route

I'd type the journaling out but it makes me a little teary. Love this pic my hubby took of us, though... I'm going to miss Jonah being this small!

supplies: pp: Stemma, 7gypsies; lace; bling: Heidi Swapp; stamp: A Million Memories

I have a hard time with patterned papers with words on them! I never know whether to cut them, use them as mats, or what! So this time, I pieced them together. :)

supplies: Scenic Route, Hambly, Heidi Swapp

LOVE this pic of Carl and Jonah in bed. So sweet...

supplies: More "I *heart* CandyTown" Collection goodness. :)


In other news... Well, I got rejected again for a couple more DTs: Studio Calico and Label Tulip...Darn. Of all the DTs I've tried out for so far, these 2 were the ones I was REALLY crossing my fingers for. They have some really great kits and everyone at both places are SO VERY NICE. It makes me sad that I won't get to work with them.

By the way, thank you to everyone in my previous post who gave me such great comments and motivation to keep trying. Rinne, Cathy, Vee, Kim, Laurie, Anna, Anna (there are 2 of you! *lol*), Emine, Ady, & Lisa - you gals ROCK. :)

More posting later...

Friday, August 17, 2007

oldies but goodies.

This week has been crazy busy for me... On top of working all last weekend - Carl caught a cold and he was miserable. Then I thought Jonah caught it but he seems fine. This morning I woke u feeling a little ick with a sore throat (darn that Carl!) So now I'm miserable and feeling unmotivated to do anything.

Didn't get picked for a couple of DTs I tried out for... And I'd like to say that I'm ok with that, but I'm not. It's a little disheartening and discouraging when you see the same names and faces over and over again. I thought I had thick skin but maybe I'm just too sensitive for the picking process... So I've decided that after this month's round of calls, I'll just lay low for a while... No more visiting Pub Calls or Scrap Submit for a while... just need to boost my confidence for a while...

Anyway, here are 2 layouts I did a while back. I used them for DT submissions so I didn't post them until now. Simple - totally my style...

supplies: Autumn Leaves, Hambly, Jenni Bowlin, Lil Davis, Cricut

supplies: Scenic Route, Hambly, Jenni Bowlin, Love Elsie, Hedi Swapp

Busy weekend ahead... Hoping to get some scrapping done, but I've kind of lost a little mojo with all this rejection going around. *sigh*

Friday, August 10, 2007

purse junkie...

You know, before I became a nurse, I never was into designer purses. I was content with whatever was functional and cute... But after being surrounded by all my friends with Coach, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton, I started getting envious (yeah, I'm talking about you, Corinne! *lol*)... And I really wanted one too...

So I started off with a little black Coach purse that Carl got me a couple of years ago... That started off a collection of another purse, 3 wristlets, and a wallet... And I created a LO of my newest baby to add to the collection. :)

By far, the biggest one of them all, I wanted a big one because, well, I'm a mom now and it's so cool I can carry Jonah's bottle, a book and a couple of other things along with my cell phone and wallet. I deem this my "big" mom purse. " :)

I started this LO yesterday and finally finished this morning right before my nap. Carl actually likes it too. Yay!

With bulky LOs like this one, I'm trying to practice my photography skills... Eh... Could be better...

supplies: A Million Memories August Kit, Hambly, Lil Davis chipboard letters, Coach tag and tissue paper. :)

And I took some close up shots of the LO... What do you think?

Ok, that's really it for the weekend... probably won't update for a couple days... Have a beautiful weekend! :)

Thursday, August 9, 2007

2 for the week...

All week long I've been itching to get a layout or 2 done but I never could find the time... Fortunately for me, today was a pretty good day and Jonah napped for almost 2 hours. :)

Got to play some more with the July Label Tulip kit. Everything is so pretty I just wanted to use everything up!
supplies: July Label Tulip kit: Prima, A2Z Essentials patterned paper; ledger paper; Heidi Swapp chipboard letters and bling; ribbon, tag, date sticker - unknown

I love the cutesy, cartoony look that's really hot right now... but I find it super hard to work with! It challenges me to think outside the box and try something different...Including playing with this BamPop! paper...
supplies: April SOML kit: BamPop!, Crate Paper patterned paper; Bazzill cardstock; Imagination Project chipboard; other: Scenic Route; gaffer tape from SIStv; Lil Davis chipboard letters; Uniball Signo pen; Sharpie paint pen.

So I guess while I spend the next 3 nights of the weekend at work I'll be thinking of more ideas for LOs and whatnot... :) It'll help keep me sane. *lol*

Sunday, August 5, 2007

feeling scrappy...

but at the moment, I'm a little too lazy to sit in front of my desk and actually get my hands dirty. So, instead, I've chosen to play with the digi stuff. :) Fun!

supplies: Surfer Dude kit by Gina Cabrera (Digital Design Essentials); brushes: Digital Dates Vol. 3 by Katie Pertiet (Designer Digitals)

Super fun LO... Love the brightness of the kit and it was so very easy to play with. I've got 3 or so Hawaii trips still to scrap so this kit will definitely come in handy! :)

I'm learning a ton of new things with digital scrapping everyday... Today was BRUSHES... Ok, I've been a total lame-o when it came to brushes. For the longest time, I was like, "What ARE those things? Do I drag my mouse across the page like a brush?" *lol* Such a digi virgin. Ha!

I discovered that brushes act like stamps. I can change the color of them and the size of them and then voila! I stamp it on the page and there's my image. So freakin' cool. :)

There's a sale going on until Tuesday at Designer Digitals so I loaded up on a few different brush sets. Those should keep me busy until I go on another spending frenzy. *lol*

Oh and if you get a chance, check this out... She's been updating with a whole lot of stuff regarding digital scrapping and hybrid scrapping. :) Pretty cool.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

a note from Maui...

Loving the 6x12! Did this for another CT project over at K-Joi. :)
supplies: Dawn Inskip's Write Stuff Kit (K-Joi Studios); fonts: Susie's Hand, Tahoma

Friday, August 3, 2007

per my BFF's request. :)

Ok, I know I've been stingy (sp?) with posting my LOs lately and when I talked to Corinne on the phone today she said that she had been "craving" my LOs - where are they? *lol*

Thanks for the motivation girlie! I scrapped a few extra special LOs tonight just for you!

I gave the 11x8.5 landscape LO a try... I like it!

supplies: July Label Tulip Kit

supplies: July Label Tulip Kit

This LO totally cracks me up... If you've ever watched 'Zoolander' you know what I mean. :)
supplies: cardstock: Bazzill Bling; patterned paper: Cherry Arte, Scenic Route; transparency overlay: Hambly; letter stickers: American Crafts, Chatterbox; pen: American Crafts

My favorite LO I did today... Everything is pretty much from the "I [heart] Candy Town" Collection at Scrap In Style TV. :) Totally fun to work with and definitely made me think outside the box. :)

Ok, off to bed I go! Happy Weekend, everyone! :)

busy busy busy...

It's been hard returning back to work after having 6 months off. I'm learning how to reorganize my time and to try and fit in everything I want to do... It's been hard, but I've been trying...

You're probably wondering where my LOs have been... I've worked on a couple, but I'm debating on whether or not to submit them for DT entries so I'm holding off posting here until I get word that they don't want me. *lol*

I do have a couple I can share!

Both digital:

Did this one for a CT project over at K-Joi...
supplies: "The Write Stuff" Kit by Dawn Inskip (K-Joi Studios); Chipboard Alpha by Katie Pertiet (DesignerDigitals); font: Tahoma

supplies: Fortune Mini Kit by Rhonna Farrer (2Peas); Chipboard Alpha by Katie Pertiet (Designer Digitals); font: Susie's Hand

Have a wonderful Friday everyone! :)