Thursday, March 5, 2009

book review: Get Creative with Type

I finally had a chance to go through the book a little better and I do have to say I'm pretty impressed.

- lots of great ideas for using fonts in titles and journaling!
- lots of tips on how to use them effectively on layouts.
- I loved the different examples they gave. Lots of fun artists in there!

- While I do love fonts, I love them FREE. I really hate paying for fonts. I mean, WHY should we have to pay for them if they'll be used for personal stuff? Most of the fonts showcased in the book are PAID fonts. (I googled most of the ones that caught my eye.) And these fonts AREN'T cheap. They run anywhere from $29-49 each! Insane!
- The book doesn't go into detail about how fonts actually can slow your computer down. My husband told me that a while back - Especially if you're using a Windows based computer. Fonts take up a lot of the hard drive and actually slow down the way Windows runs (I'm not sure about Macs)...

Anyway, I have a gift for you... I found the Fling font online for free when doing my research... It's the font that's used in the title of the book "Get Creative"...

Follow this link... You might want to hurry too. I'm not sure how long the link will be valid!

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