Sunday, March 1, 2009

no photos... but...

I made 2 cards the other day. Both were birthday ones and I must say they were really cute. I didn't get a chance to take pics of them because I was rushing off to my baby shower and I already gave them away! Bummer. So take my word for it, I made 2 more cards. :)

3 more shifts left of work (tomorrow, Friday and Saturday) and I begin maternity leave. Can you tell I'm excited???

I swear the UPS guy is going to kill me. *lol* I've had more packages delivered these past 2 weeks than ever - I know I said I'm on a strict budget, but I'm trying to get the room organized and I need help with that! Anyway, here's my latest purchase. It's a hard carrying case for my still unused sewing machine. It's such a shame. My mom was a seamstress before she retired. She worked for the for quite a bit when I was growing up as a kid. She can make sleeping bags with one hand tied behind her back (well, not really, but you get the point. *lol*)

Anyway, she got me a sewing machine a couple years ago for my birthday because I asked her for one - to try and learn some simple sewing and perhaps sewing on scrap pages, but the thing is STILL in it's box and sealed. *hangs head in shame*

So I got a carrying case so I can get it out of the box and out in the open. Maybe seeing it out of the box will convince me to use it someday.

Or maybe it'll just be more convenient for my mom to use when she comes over so I can ask her to alter my pant hems. *lol*

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bruinbr said...

I know what you mean about the UPS guy! For 1 week, we saw him EVERY day!!! I wish I knew how to sew as well... mine has only made it onto the scrapbook pages, but never onto an article of clothing or anything else crafty! Yay for maternity leave too! We're still waiting (quite anxiously!) for our little bee...